“Reveal art; conceal the artist.” — Gustave Flauber

Most patients consulting osteopaths seek relief from musculoskeletal pain and discomfort. With 4 out of 5 people suffering with back, neck, or joint pain at some point in their lives, patients are increasingly turning to osteopathy for help.


Osteopath et founder of the Natural Health Centre

Graduated from the European School of Osteopathy, Maidstone, England.

With a Bachelor of Science since 2007, I was member of the GOSC (General Osteopathic Council) for 5 years. I spent 7 years in England where I gained experience treating new born, children, expecting mothers, and adults.

During all those years I have developed a traditional and holistic approach to Osteopathy and hold particular affection towards visceral and cranial osteopathy. Over the past few years I have also developed a growing interest for Chinese medicine philosophy and psychosomatic patterns. I have always strived to share and utilise my competencies in the aid of patients. 


What is Osteopathy?

You can learn more about Osteopathy here.

Questions frequently asked

What can I expect from my first appointment?

Your first consultation will last approximately 45 minutes. Your practitioner will begin by taking a full case history about your presenting symptoms and past medical history. He will then proceed with an osteopathic assessment as well as specific medical and neurological screening if necessary, and come to a diagnosis. The diagnosis and treatment plan will be thoroughly discussed with you to give a full understanding of what the treatment will involve.  Your osteopathic treatment will generally involve a combination of gentle manipulative techniques and joint adjustments, massage of the soft tissues and craniosacral release.  All the above techniques are aimed to restore mobility and function of the joints and affected tissues.

Should I get undressed during the consultation ? 

During your first consultation, your practitioner will need to make a full osteopathic assessment. You will be asked to undress as your osteopath will need to be able to examine your spine and pelvis clearly. We therefore advise that you wear appropriate underwear; if you feel uncomfortable feel free to bring a pair of shorts with you to the appointment.

Are there any side effects to osteopathic treatment?

In general osteopathic treatment should not be painful. However in conditions where tissues have been chronically affected resulting in persistent tightness and stiffness, or in acute conditions, the patient may feel mild discomfort during certain specific techniques.  Nonetheless your practitioner will always and only work within your tolerance level if any discomfort is to be felt.

Following treatment, the body is lifted from lesion patterns, chronic tissues and compensations regain their mobility, resulting in a change in function of the body systems. Thus patients commonly report feeling a sense of weightlessness and tiredness, and it is advised to rest in the hours following consultation.  Similarly depending on the chronicity of the patterns, patients may feel sore for a period of up to two or three days after treatment (average), until the body has accepted and adjusted to the changes in the tissues. The use of "hot and cold treatment" may be useful to reduce residual inflammation.

How many appointments will I need?

Amount of treatments needed remains  subjective as it varies with the diagnosis and the patient’s ability to heal. Osteopathy is not a miraculous therapy; chronic tensions lasting for several weeks, even years, cannot be solved in few days. Healing process physiology depends on various factors such as the patient emotional state. Hence, it is quite difficult to predict the accurate number of treatments.

Can I claim osteopathic treatment on my health insurance?

Nowadays, osteopathic treatment can be claimed to most of health insurance companies. Therefor, we advise you to check with your own one. On this page, we provide you a link to a list of all the Health Insurances where osteopathic treatments can be claimed in France.

Health insurance

Here is a list of all the Health insurance companies (French internet site).